R. Ward Shipman



Exploring the human figure with all its complex interchanges with its environment is a life long discipline for me. In my drawings, paintings, and photography, I express the human form with the specific idea of placing it in a created reality of soft romanticism. Today, as a practicing artist and a teacher of art for over 20 years, I like to challenge my own students to analyze their work and to question its form and efficiency in conveying


R. Ward Shipman is a visual artist in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a member of many Hamilton art studios and is an instructor with DVSA and the Hamilton Wentworth School board. Shipman lectures and conducts workshops in drawing, photography and portfolio building. His work is held in many private and corporate collections in Canada and appears in journals, magazines, and books.

He has worked in connection with Sheridan College, Mohawk College, and PhotoEd magazine.