Kawong Chung- Shipman



Working on large format conte charcoal drawings from her home and studio in Hamilton,

Ontario, Chung-Shipman focuses on ideas that perceive the human body at its most vital

and dynamic expressions of physical energy and emotional interchange.

The formal art education she received from McMaster University and University of

Toronto continues to influence her in the use of visual language. Observation of German

Expressionists work and renderings in dry point and etchings are evident in Chung-

Shipman’s own images. She places great emphasis on rich shadows and velvety tonal

surfaces juxtapose with sensitivity of lines. The complex connection that balances the

human anatomy with that of inner psychological content is carefully collected. Her

landscapes likewise reflect moments of charged tension when all of nature’s elements are


Chung-Shipman’s visual renderings have been exhibited at 337 Sketch, Jessica Roth

Studio, Loose Canon, Glenhyrst Gallery, the Parker-Pearce Gallery, the Kensington

Gallery, McMaster Art Gallery, University of Toronto, Hamilton Public library

Artist’s Statement:

What is my art to me?

All my drawings and paintings are the visual part to my diary.  I have always made a habit of recording all the things that I pay attention to.  This self-documentation is essential to my life.  I have need of concrete mementoes to balance the very fluidity of time and memory.  The sight narratives of my images are not so much actual representations of experiences but albums that reflect upon projected emotions and thoughts.  They bear witness and substantiate the realness of it all for me.  The struggles for dominance between the physicality of the body and the  vulnerably intangible mind is a theme that is constant in my work.   Art clarifies, identifies and substantiates.