November 9th, 2012 and December 14th, 2012 Art Crawl
featuring an exhibition of works by Canadian Landscape Painter, John Visser.

September 14th, 2012 Art Crawl and September 15th, 2012 Supercrawl
This month the gallery is pleased to present a group show featuring R. Ward Shipman, Kawong Chung-Shipman, Guennadi Kalinine, John Kinsella, John Visser, Sharon Matthews, Deborah Tilby, Randy Steele, Juan Carlos Martinez, Les Drysdale,  David Shevlino, Tara Juneau, Mark Strutt and others......

July 13th, 2012 Art Crawl
This month the gallery is pleased to be featuring Sharon Matthews and “Landscapes of Southern Ontario” by John Kinsella. 

June 8th, 2012 Art Crawl
The gallery is pleased to feature Canadian Landscape Painter, John Visser

February 9, 10, 11, 2011
A McMaster Student Exhibition
Emily Andrus, Amanda Dudnik, Annie Fraser, Leslie Furness and Em Johnson
Opening Reception Thursday, February 9th, 7-10 pm

January Art Crawl
Friday January 13th, 2012
The gallery is pleased to be showing new works by Juan Carlos Martinez. Also featured in this month’s crawl are works by Deborah Tilby, Dianne Gall, Scott James Owles, Tara Juneau, David Shevlino, Christopher Lori and sculptor Les Drysdale.

November Art Crawl
Friday November 11th, 2011
The Focus Gallery will be previewing work for an upcoming spring exhibition featuring Australian artist’s Jim Thalassoudis and Dianne Gall. We are also pleased to be showing works from Dundas’s own Guennadi Kalinine and Hamilton’s Bruno Capolongo.

October Art Crawl
Friday October 14th, 2011
Provocative and stirring, we are excited to present the work of Toronto artist David Hynes. Included in this month’s crawl is a retrospective of work by the late Randy Steele. 

As an added bonus, we will be featuring Marimba player Stefan Kitai. Stefan is Hamilton based percussionist. He recently graduated from the University of Toronto's Music School and is currently teaching and performing. He plays many percussion instruments but is most passionate about marimba!

‘Frugal Strokes’
August 4th to September 10 - 2011
Group exhibition featuring the works of David Shevlino, Tara Juneau, Mark Strutt and Deborah Tilby. This show features four new works by Deborah and five amazing pieces from Delaware Artist, David Shevlino. David has just released a new DVD entitled "Painting Loosely". David was also featured in the May 2011 issue of Artist's Magazine.

Music & Friends
Saturday, September the 10th, 2011
1:00 pm till....?
 We had our latest jam at the gallery. I asked all my wonderful musical friends to come to the space and enjoy an evening of music and fun. It was great...

Christopher Lori
Saturday June 4th to July 8th - 2011
Provocative and Original

Super Crawl !!!
Saturday September 10th, 2011
The SuperCrawl was a huge success! An estimated 50,000 people visited the street on a fantastic evening of entertainment and culture. The music was great, the art was great and it was obvious that people were genuinely pleased with the whole event.
The Art Bus
The Art Bus will be dropping by the Focus Gallery. We’ll let you know when. Come by and say hello.

Opening Night
Saturday January 29th 2011
“It was a great evening...” (read more)

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Super Crawl
Mark Strutt’s Art Blog
Super Crawl
This is the big one. Once a year Hamilton’s ever more popular monthly Art Crawl turns into a Super Crawl! Plan to attend this great event for family and friends. There’s so much to do and see, come and experience a wonderful day of Arts and Entertainment.

Music & Friends
Come down to the Gallery on Saturday, September the 10th, 2011 for our next meeting of Music & Friends. We invite you to spend an afternoon of jamming and laid back good times. Anytime from 1:00 pm on...See you there.

Grand Opening
We had our Grand Opening night on Saturday, January the 29th 2011. It was wonderful to have so many Friends and Family join us as we celebrated the launch of The Focus Gallery. A warm thanks to all who attended. (read more)